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My wife and I are looking into the purchase of a preconstructed home from Design Homes or CSI homes. What can you tell me about these types of homes and or these businesses.Second part to my question, what can we expect to pay for the other componenets of the home, such as to have a foundation constructed, water, sewer and electric hooked up, landscaping work,finishing the basement, concrete walk and driveway installed, etc. Trying to get a cost estimate of the entire home project. Is there someone you recommend that can help us come up with a cost estimate?Thanks, Jim

I actually visited an outfit in southern Iowa that constructed these type of homes. I went down with my friend to view his house being made. I was impressed with the process, and the finished product. I asked the guy how they deal with cracked drywall as they ship it down the road, and they told me it\’s a guaranteed repair once they get the house the the final destination. if I remember right my friend spent roughly $9000.00 on foundation and flat work. 22,000.00 on attached garage, for some reason they didn\’t do garages. Check with CSI Homes not sure if they do or don\’t. And I believe his sewer came in right around $5000.00. Landscaping he did himself, but you can get a pallet of sod for $75.00 at lowes. and to finish the basement with a bath, bedroom and egress window well. plan on $50.00 per square foot. Take the length times width of your basement and multiply that by $50.00. If you need help organizing that give me a call at 309-373-2209. Otherwise the business cards on QCGeneral allow you to be a better general yourself.