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Back for more advise, I found out I will need to replace the old pipes in my house and have gotten estimates from different plumbers. On a recent search on Google I found \\\\\\\"PEX\\\\\\\" what is your take on this stuff. Would this be an option to discuss with my plumber.Thank You

David, ever since copper has skyrocketed builders are moving to Pex in new construction, and large remodel jobs. Most plumbers are sticking to what they know works in remodel jobs. The worry is that 5 years from know problems will arise because this stuff wasn\’t tested. Copper has been around for many many years. This observe website feature, too, did not fall short in the quality department. Copper also has a natural way of killing some bacteria as the water flows through, Pex does not. While you may save in initial material costs, labor would be about the same. My move would be pay a little extra for the insurance of knowing Copper works. I will let Curtis from Petersen Plumbing know that you are interested, they do both Pex and Copper. If it\’s okay with you I will give him your phone number. Sincerely, Andy LoveAsk the Expert.

How do I obtain a contractor’s license for Scott County Iowa. Do I need to take a test? If so, how do I obtain the studying material and how much does it cost? Thank you

John, good question, You may want to varify this with the city of Davenport 563-326-7711. But for licensing and to do work in the city you will need to take an open book test, that will run you just over $1000.00 for books and testing. If you are doing work in Scott County rural, you only need to pull permits and have inspections done on your work. Bonding and License are not required. To call the county building official the number is 563-326-8643, ask for Bob Buck. Thanks for the question.

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