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Hi Andy, The shingles on our roof have moss growing on them which makes them look like they are black and worn. Is there someone that could clean that moss off or will I need to reshingle the house. Can the moss be prevented if I do reshingle?

Cara, One thing you want to ask yourself first. Has the roof run its service life? If the roof is over 15 years old you may want to consider replacing. If the shingles are not curling, cracking or missing in places and its not leaking you may want to consider a simple cleaning. This would require some chemicals sold at local hardware stores.

You could install a product called Moss Boss that is a Zinc strip that runs the entire length of the peak and what it does is kill all algae and Moss below that strip, notice your roof is perfect below all galvanized flashing? Same concept except it leaves an unsightly look to the peak and requires extra nails in your roof that can cause leaks. When it comes to roofs you want as few penetrations as possible.

You don’t want too pressure wash it because the high pressure can damage the granules on the shingles. If it’s a walk able roof simply purchase a one gallon roof cleaner for about $10.00 and a pump sprayer for $20.00 and you could do it yourself in an afternoon.

The new shingles all come with algae resistant zinc coated granule already installed in the shingles with a 10 year warranty on your shingles ever turning black.

Great question hope this helps, if you feel it is to difficult, give me a call and I can meet with you and help you with your decision.

Very yours truly,

Andy Love

Ask the Expert.

I would like to polish a concrete floor myself, but cannot find ANY of this equipment to rent. I know it is specialized. Any ideas? Thank you! Great site Andy.

Gierke Robinson Bettendorf store 563-355-1120 has a Diamond polisher for rent. It looks just like a electric floor sander. Give them a call and they can help you with your project.

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I have an approximately 4 foot by 2 foot section on my carpeting that was destroyed by my dog. I have plenty of left over carpet, but was wondering, is it possible to have just one section, the destroyed part, replaced, without having to replace the entire room? If so, is there anyone that you would recommend to get the job done? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David.

Bill Daley

Abbey Carpet Gallery

4811 N Brady St

Davenport Iowa 52806


I will have Bill call you and see if one of his installers can take care of that for you. Be sure to sign his guestbook once the job is complete to share with the rest of us.

Sincerely, Andy Love

Ask the expert.

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We recently noticed water dripping from a pipe in the basement. The pipe is the water supply to a toilet directly above the basement. The next morning we were going to fix it and noticed the pipe wasn’t dripping anymore. We decided to wait and see what happened. A few days later it was dripping again. It had been raining and I am wondering if there is water coming in from the outside that is causing this. We have also discovered a vinyl non-opening window on the second story that leaks when rain hits that side of the house. Maybe there is a connection to the two leak problems. My question is what kind of person do I call to figure out where the pipe leak is coming from and if the window needs to be replaced or is not installed properly. We have been in this house four years and just noticed both problems in the last month. I am now waiting for the pipe to leak again to determine if this only happens when the rain hits directly on a certain side of the house.

It is possible for a small leak to get clotted with calcium, but not likely. For the window to be the culprit, that could be too far for water to flow. Water will follow the path of least resistance, try and follow the path before you caulk that window just to be sure. I would venture to say that the increased humidity in the air when it rains is causing some condensation on the water line of the toilet, or on the tank itself. I have a toilet that the tank will sweat with a fresh flush while the water is still cold, and a high humidity day. I would check to see if the tank is sweating as well, lift the back lid to the tank and see if someone in the past installed an insulation liner, (you will see a white 1″ foam, like a minnow bucket or a foam cooler). The reason I say that is because if the insulation liner is installed the tank won’t sweat on the sides but it will on the bottom of the tank. I can almost guarantee that it is nothing more than condensation dripping down. Water is not good in any form in the floor joists, so if you need to call someone let me know and I can send my personal plumber over, or you can choose from the network of professionals I have assembled on just click on plumbing… and windows if you can’t fix that window as well. Thank you, and good luck. Send more questions if you need to, I would be more than happy to answer them.

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Andy-I need a recommendation for a chimney sweep that can clean out my Mom’s chimney and install a chimney cap. Long story that includes a raccoon. Thanks much, Mike

Michael, I just got off the phone with John from Quad Cities Chimney Sweep. He is looking forward to your call. Contact him at (563)386-5597 . Hopefully no one was hurt. Good Luck! Yours truly, Andy Love