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I would like to surprise my husband for Christmas and makeover his garage. Who can I contact to get an estimate on painting our garage floor?

Call Mike Esparza with A Brush Above at 309 716-5016 we can do that. Be sure to tell him QCGeneral sent you.

Andy Love

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My daughter is trying to get someone to clean her gutters on her two story house. She has contacted three roofing companies of which one never called her back, and the other two told her they would come to do the job but never showed up. This is getting frustrating for her. Are there other types of companies that clean gutters beside roofing companies? Recommendations?Thank you!

Could you please let me know if the companies not calling you back were found on We have an agreement with them when we sign them up that in order to get invited back next year they must provide good customer service. Call Dan with Cole gutters (563) 349-0254, or Austin at 563-676-1455. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Andy Love


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I would like to weatherproof my home to reduce my utility bill and make it more comfortable to live in. I have no idea where to start. I\’m sure insulation will be somewhere near the top of the list but there are so many options; blown in cellulose or fiberglass, faced or unfaced fiberglass bats, heat barriers. How do I know whats right for my home.I have a limited budget so it\’s important that I do the things that are going to give me the biggest bang for my buck.

I can understand your confusion there are so many things that can effect your utility bill.
Insulation can be effective but it will have little effect if you have an air infiltration problem caused by a worn or defective window, door or a water or electrical line coming into your home that is not properly sealed. A drafty window may not need replacement it may simply need caulked.
To ensure you get the biggest bang for you buck have a professional energy audit completed. Many companies offer
audits at no cost. For a fee you can get a more complete audit that may include a thermal imaging camera or a fan
placed in a doorway to check for air infiltration into your home.
Start out with a free audit and see where that takes you.

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I have a house with an exposed basement, with that wall being wood. One wall of the poured wall has a crack that gets worse, with the corner of the house now 3 inches lower. To make matters worse, this is where a lot of heavy equipment wouldn’t have access. Any ideas??

Check the upstairs, windows and doors directly above the crack to check if it has affected the first and second floor. See if windows or doors are operating without rubbing or sticking. Look for cracks in the drywall. With that being said, the crack in the foundation may be difficult to excavate with heavy equipment, but could possible be accessible with some lighter equipment. If it’s still a problem the good old shovel would be the end result. You could possibly have a footing that was not installed properly, and/or has failed. The footing is the base that goes beneath the wall to keep the wall from sinking. The house may need to be reinforced from the inside of the house. About two foot back from the direct exterior wall with posts and header to temporarily hold while the wall, footing are removed and re-installed. Give Brian Crane from Crane Masonry a call at 563-579-2472 , he is on under foundations and concrete. He gives free estimates if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, this would be a major project. If you do hire him don’t forget to sign his guestbook. Finally be prepared to possibly be required by the city to get an engineered stamp to start the work. The city just wants to know that the loadings have been addressed, in case they were not addressed when the house was originally built. The person to contact for the engineered stamp would be Italo Milani he goes by Lo for short 309-269-6498 . Good Luck! Andy Love Ask the Expert Home Improvement Visit us today at

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I had my roof and siding done by bystate a company that is now out of business. Well they installed the vinyl siding before they did the tear off of the roof witch had 2 layer plus one of cedar shingles. So now there is a 2 to 3 in gape between where the dormers and porches meet the house. When it rains hard I get water leaking in the front porch and closet in the kitchen. Could you recommend someone to repair for me or is it something I can do myself?

Sal, sorry to hear about your leak. When you are dealing with multiple layers of shingles the siding on wall penetrations are always a visible gap. This should have been step flashed. Do you see silver flashing where the roof meets the wall?
If the siding and roofing were sold at the same time, the siding should have been done after the roof.
If you would like to repair yourself, I would take the siding off just were the wall and roof meet and re-flash to stop the leak.  If you want to get rid of the gap as well, you will need to remove all of the siding on that one wall and reconfigure the lengths.
I hope this helps.
Very yours truly,
Andy Love


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