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Recently I have been getting bit while sleeping. I think I might have bed bugs what should I do?

My friend from Springer Pest control has been very busy with that lately. He has equipment that he is providing for FREE to determine if you have bed bugs. What it does is mimic the human body and traps them as they come to feed. If you do have bed bugs he will do a heat treatment of the house that melts the wax off the backs of the bugs. His number is 309-251-0182 Eric Hutchins.

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I have a ceiling fan that I installed myself. It makes a noise when anything but the lowest speed is used- I would like it to be reinstalled correctly. Also, I have a light switch that no longer works. Who would you recommend for this small job? I am in West Davenport. Thank you.

If you give this guy a call he can help you with that. Koehler Electric ask for Brian Porter. 563-529-2340.

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Andy, does it make a difference which way the water circulation motor rotates in a radiator heating system? It doesn’t look like it from just looking at it. I was thinking last night that the second floor radiators don’t get as hot as they used to. Used to be that the second floor was 10 degrees hotter than first floor. It could be that we put in blown in insulation 16 years ago, insulated siding eight years ago? Steve Deneckere

Most residential circulator motors can only rotate one way. If you want the flow reversed, the pump would have to be turned over. Began right in the moment there was algebra homework help app no need for a lead up to explain that she was at a cross-country meet, you got it simply through the power of her writing j thud thud, my feet hit the ground rhythmically? This may also involve rotating the bearing assembly on the pump. With that said, reversing the flow in the system is not always an option. It all depends on how the system was piped, and what type of valves (if any) are in the system. Typically, radiators don’t just lose capacity over time. Chances are there is another problem, such as the radiators having air in them. If the radiators are 20% full of air, they won’t put out as much heat. Petersen Plumbing

Dave Thorngren.

We are thinking of having our attic and walls insulated with the blown in insulation. Do you recommend anyone?

Hold the phone! Before you get the work done, have Mid America evaluate your home for energy efficiency. Based on your situation you can receive up to 70% rebate back. So, say your estimate for insulation comes back at $1,000, Mid America will rebate back $700. I am in the process of having my home done, and they are currently scheduling for October. Call 1-800-545-0762 for Mid Americas evaluation, and call Gary Mascho with Mascho’s Insulation, to give you a bid on your house. Very nice guy and very reasonably priced. Thanks, great question, Andy Love Ask the Expert

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We are looking for someone to put an epoxy finish on our garage floor, any suggestions.

Doris, great question, call my office for a number I have for you. His name is Ricky Brennan with DNR Painting Ricky is finishing up a garage floor in Cromwell circle in Davenport. He would be more than happy to give you an estimate. Ricky uses an acid etch to get the concrete roughed, and then uses a citric acid as well to level it off again. Then he pours the Latex or Epoxy floor. Depends on how long of a warranty you want. He can’t get the lead based floor paint anymore, that stuff would last 50+ years. Don’t drive on it for about 5-7 days, you really want it to cure. Thanks for the question. Very yours truly, Andy Love Ask the Expert

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