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If I feel I have a warranty claim on my roof that is only 5 years old, the shingles are delaminating and the blowing off. How do I go about doing something with the company that installed it.

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your roof.. The company that installed the shingles should help you with your warranty claim. Claims would first require contact with the manufacturer of the shingle i.e. Owens Corning, IKO, or Certainteed etc. They would send out a check list that would include a box to send minimum of two full shingles from the roof to be examined. They would then request Photographs of Front view of entire structure from ground level including address. Rear view of entire structure from ground level. Pitch or Slope of roof. All affected areas (close and wide angle views) clearly depicting the issue or concern. Ventilation (Soffit, Eave, and box vents, or ridge vent.) Fastener placement on installed material. Then you would need Proof of Ownership, Property Tax Bill, Deed Sales Record or equivalent showing ownership at the time the material was purchased and installed. Finally a Photocopy of any Original Receipt, Contractors invoice (not estimate) for material and application, bill of sale for manufactured home, and Building Permit. I know it’s a lot but these are the requirements.

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Question: The white vinyl siding on my garage in places turns green. Whydoes it do that?

Mark, what you are seeing is the North side of your garage, with most likely a tree in the area that is allowing moss to grow. A pressure washer or a moss treatment from Menards and a garden hose would take care of that.
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This past year I replaced my furnace with a high efficiency model andremoved my chimney to free up some space in other parts of the house. Tovent my hot water heater a contractor used some sort of pipe and vented itthrough the roof. I am now noticing a ton of icicles on that side of theroof that have never been there in the past. I also had the roof/atticinsulated last year, so i do not believe that is what is causing the ice. Isthere any way to insulate the hot water heater exhaust pipe to eliminate themelting snow and ice?thank

What I would do is look through your access hole and see where the hot air could be getting through. While the class B piping they used for the water heater could be contributing to the problem, I doubt that it’s a whole lot. Like this post on facebook download halo 3 for xbox 360 for free legally redmond pieeverybody loves to get something for free, especially if it’s one of the most iconic video games the xbox world has ever seen? Also see if there is missing insulation around the pipe as it penetrates the ceiling. But most of all look at the access hole itself, that little 2×3 area should have insulation on it as well. Another thing to look at is the bathroom vent (if you have one) make sure it’s venting through the roof and not directly into the attic. Heat is escaping somewhere, hope this helps. Sincerely, Andy Love.

We have a aluminum storm door with full glass on the front . There is a gap at the top where they didnt get the door even so in turn we can not use the lock on the door . Do we have to rehang the door in order for the gap to leave and the lock to work . Or do we need a shim ?

Storm doors are hanging on the aluminum continuous bracket that squares the door. First find the gap and make the adjustments on the opposite side of the door to bring the door back to square. Shims don’t work to well with storm doors, mostly with interior, exterior doors and windows. Once you do that the lock will be placed back into position. Hope this helps. Sincerely,

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I am having our walls redone and I noticed our drywaller is using a metal corner on some and paper corners on others. I think he knows what he is doing, but I don\’t want any corners cut. No pun intended. He\’s not very personable so I stopped asking him questions.

What you are probably seeing is an INSIDE corner vs. an OUTSIDE corner. Yes an outside corner needs to be metal due to thing hitting it, you dont want it to easily break. An inside corner needs only to be taped because its highly unlikely that when you are hauling in furniture that the leg of a couch is going to strike an inside corner. Hopefully this is the case, tape on an outside corner would be incorrect.

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