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Back for more advise. Recently my kitchen sink was draining very slow and would gargle after the last of the water went down. So I went up to the local hardware store and rented a snake that was attached to a drill, I ran the drain all the way to the main ( this I an sure of ). Now the sink drains better than it has since I moved in but still gargles. Any ideas?Second question I have received 2 mailings from different companies selling insurance for my water main I have asked several different people about it nobody knows anything other than what\’s in the flyer. I cant find anything online either. Whets your onion on this? They are asking for about $5.00 to $6.00 a month for $5000.00 worth of coverage. There is no fine print but they will send a coverage sheet once you send payment.

What is most likely happening is that your vent stack on your roof is clogged. I have seen everything from Raccoons to leaves clog them. A vent stack is easiest explained by filling a milk jug with water and tipping it upside down. At first it will gargle unless you poke a hole in it to vent. And, really, it’s not help with assignment writing just about the notebook. Same thing is happening with your plumbing system. Second, I have heard of insurance for Orange Burg pipes in case they fall apart, but I have only heard about it offered from the City. I would check the company that sent you the letter with the Better Business Bureau. The price sounds right, because repairs can run over $3000. 00. Thanks for the question,

Andy Love