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I recently purchased an old clawfoot tub with a fairly worn off finish on the bottom. Do you know who I can contact to refinish the tub and about how much it would cost? It hasn\’t been previously refinished and it\’s still useable. (but looks really bad!) Thanks for your help.

If you go to this link there are two companies that can re-finish that claw foot for you. Prices should range between $500.00 to $1500.00 depending on if you want the faucet replaced as well. Hope this helps.

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I poured a cement floor in my shed, and I was wondering what I did wrong. I Purchased the Portland brand cement from Menards, took it home spent all day mixing and pouring. I noticed when I was done the water just seem to sit on top of the slab. It\’s dry now but I can easily chip it and break it with my ice chopper. Something is not right and no one can give me answers.

Brad, I am affraid that you used a straight Portland product that is usually used for Morter around block walls. Check your receipt if the sku # is 189-1153, you are suppose to mix sand with that to get it to cure right. Easiest way to explain it is like making a cake with no eggs, it just won’t set right. If this is the case you unfortunatly have a big slab of chaulk. The only way to fix it is to break it out and use a 5000 psi premix bag sku # 189-1014 at Menards. If the sku’s don’t match, and you did use a premix concrete. It’s possible that you mixed too much water, and the top froze, but you shouldn’t be able to break it with an ice chopper. Sorry for your possible situation, if it is chaulk, break it up in little pieces and let the kids draw on the driveway.


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