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I recently requested a roof quote from 3 separate companies, can you explain why the range of dollar amounts were so great? Lowest was $6900.00 highest was $15,000.00 for the same exact shingle.

Good question, there are several factors when analysing a roof quote. First is it a big company with a home office? a place that will be there in 10-20 years in case you have an issue with a roof? Do they have salesmen? or do you have the owner giving you a bid? Are they licenced with the city and state insured and bonded for roofing? The reasons I ask is because each answer of yes, you have money overhead for the roofer. One roofing company is probably very cheap because he is flying under the radar of the city and state to avoid paying the necessary premiums. If you’re going to be using emoticons a lot, ikeymonitor android it’s definitely worth adding the emoji keyboard to your keyboard set. You can get your roof done for a pizza party if you pitch it to your family and friends just right. But then you are rolling the dice that it may not be done right. Hope this helps, Sincerely

Andy Love.

What is the warranty on shingles these days for archetectural or laminated shingles?

The warranties this year have been increased to lifetime for most all architectural shingles. You must nail them 6 times per shingle to receive the lifetime warranty. If you nail them only 4 times you get a 30 year warranty and a 75 mph wind rating. If you nail them 6 you get a 125 mph wind rating and a lifetime. good question, Andy Love

Though it took time, effort, and organization on the front end to gather and format the materials included on the site, once finished, I have found it easier and more efficient to add and change materials

Hi. We are wanting to put an extension on our driveway. A small sitting area. We would have to pour concrete or do the landscape patio. My question is, our wire run underground there. Is is bad to cover those w/ concrete or the patio blocks?

Morgan, the issues you should consider when installing items around utilities is 1st how deep are you digging? Is it deep enough to hit a utility? I don’t think a 4″ slab of concrete will be a problem. 2nd is the city going to have an issue with a slab of concrete over the utility? I would call or stop at city hall and ask the building inspector? I don’t think they will have a problem but it’s always good to ask. Great question, thankyou.

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