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Hi Andy,I have “ghosting” on my living room and kitchen ceiling and in the basement ceiling underneath the living room. I can remove it by soaking the area with a bleach solution, but it comes back. Oddly, I don\’t have this problem in the rest of the house, including the bathroom! How do I fix this permanently? Is this technically mold?

There is a product called KILZ, it is the best stuff on the market for getting stains and covering them up. I wonder if you have a condensation problem that is causing the ghosting. Hope this helps.

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Andy, I built a deck in Rock Island, I didn\’t pull a permit, I got in trouble, I got fined. Although the deck I built was done perfectly. The building inspector is passing the deck as long as I install a GFI electrical outlet and a water garden hose spiquett. Is this an actual code or is he making this crap up to punish me for not pulling a permit?

This is an actual code, I know some of the codes can be frustrating but it’s the cities way of systematically updating houses. Building inspectors have ryme to their reason. Last week I had a contractor frustrated the inspector was making him hard wire a fire alarm system in the house after a remodel. He said “that’s too much extra work” but you can’t win an argument with an inspector that has seen first hand what a house with no smoke alarms can do to a family. That GFI is in case you sell the house and someone wants to run Christmas lights around the deck you built. It’s much safer plugging into a GFI than running an extension cord through the window. .

I have a garage that I want to build. Do you know anything about height requirements in Rock Island. They keep telling me 15\’ from top of wall to half the distance to the roof???? What does that mean?

That is the height of the wall (probably 8′) + height of the truss (usually a 24′ truss 4/12 pitch has a 4′ height) divided by 2. So the equation would be 8 + (4 divided by 2)= 10. this would be 5′ below the maximum height you can do in Rock Island. If you are attempting a massive Garage and your equation comes out to be above 15′ you will need to apply for a variance. Hope this helps

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We are looking at buying a lot for building and will need to install our own septic system and possibly a well. Could you give me an estimated cost for having this work completed? Also, could you suggest what type of contracting company does this type of work? Thanks, S

Pricing for septic systems can runs anywhere from $1000.00 to $5000.00 depending on the complexity of the system. A good place go start would be Hope this helps.

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