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I think my siding is defective. I installed it 1 yr ago and put in new windows in, and the siding is melting off of it on the south side only. It looks like a charcoal grill was used next to it. It’s bubbling off the wall. I looked for something that is producing heat, I just don’t get it, please help.

What you are seeing is caused by the new windows. Depending on where theywere located it’s either your new windows or your neighbors new windows. It’s the Low E coating placed On the glass. See a coating of Low E is like a mirror, A mirror has lots of coatings to make a reflection, new windows only have a few coatings. What this does is reflect the Solar heat out of your house to help with Solar Heat Gain which can fad furniture and Carpet, and keep your Air Conditioner running longer. So yours or your neighbors windows are acting like a heat ray that is melting your vinyl siding. Some possible solutions would be to check the thickness of your siding, it may be a thin siding that does do well with increased temperatures, try and get a color match in a .046thickness and with a foam backer board. Otherwise call the manufacturer of the windows and get replacement sashes only with fewer coates of Low E, or some manufacturers offer a special window coting that will address this exact situation.