Monthly Archives: April 2013

Is there any natural chemical that is good for keeping spiders off my front porch? I have young kids and I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals.

I was told by a gentleman that came from the South, and was over 60 years of age that painting the ceiling of a porch sky blue will make insects think that they are building a nest in the open. Insects don’t like the open sky because they are more susceptible to predators. How much truth there is to this is still up for debate. However I can tell you that he had all of his porch ceilings painted sky blue and not one spider web. Many people also have theories on Vicks vapor rub, and Absorbine JR for keeping insects away, and another one is Vineger and water. I guess you could experiment with a few and come up with a conclusion. Hope this helps.

If you aren’t an apple music subscriber, there is no way to purchase a single track via itunes for now, so you’ll have to buy the entire album for $13