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HI,I have a basement floor drain that is clogged. It was used for the drain for a washing machine. I tried plunging it and snaking it but it did not unclog it completely, its just a little better. What should I do next? Is there a safe product to pour down drain to unclog it? thank you!

Hello, sorry to hear about your drain problem. If you have plunged it, and snaked it, and it only helped a little. Then I’m worried it could be a collapsed drain. The best thing to do would be to call a drain cleaner that has a camera that they can run down there. Two people I know have cameras are Petersen Plumbing 563-326-1658, and Budget Drain 309-786-4292.

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Is it possible to cut down a steel door. The new door we bought doesn’t fit.

Hello, it is possible to cut down a steel door height not so much width. Your two options are increasing the rough opening size of the wall, which may involve extra drywall work on the interior, and extra siding work on the exterior. My experience has showed its better to buy a factory cut door because your new cut can be subject to rusting if you don’t seal it right. 

Hope this helps, Andy Love