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Charlie Knapp Builders, Inc

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Charlie Knapp Builders, Inc. has been in business since 1978 striving to be the best custom home builder/remodeler that we can.

March 13, 2016 | Nancy Lauher Wrote:
Charlie Knapp Builders review It's important that potential customers know what has happened to my life due to the neglect of Charlie Knapp Builders. We chose them because we wanted Christians in our home during the building of a very large great room, home addition for my parents and remodel of an existing room. When they laid the wood floors, they covered them with butcher-type paper; VENT HOLES and all. This was done inside our home. My right leg fell through the paper and through a vent hole. My leg was stuck, up to the thigh, and I had to be cut out of the floor! I'm 5'9" and weighed 130lbs at the time. Fortunately, one of the workers was still there. He used a circular saw to cut up to my leg, then took a hammer and hammered the last piece of wood towards my leg to break it! My leg was broken, my knee was crushed and I had hematomas that took over a year to dissolve. I had many surgeries, was hospitalized many times since this happened in the fall of 2008. It has taken me this long to speak out because Charlie's insurance company refused to pay any of my damages until just now. And the maximum amount of what they would pay is only a tiny, tiny portion of what I lost monetarily. No damages for pain and suffering and all that goes with it. Because of my devastating injury and severe pain lasting longer than 6 months, I developed a pain disease called RSD/CRPS (highest level of pain in a disease known at this time and no cure) that will be with me for the rest of my life. I lost my job at 50 years old, making 6 figures. I spent nearly a year of my life in a hospital bed, looking out my bedroom window, barely able to move. I was in a wheelchair for a very long time. I've been to Mayo in Rochester, MN 16 times; once was for 6 weeks. I had to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my spinal column. The battery pack had to be moved once. I was rear-ended on my way to physical therapy and because I laid in a hospital bed so long, I flopped like a rag doll and ended up with whiplash. At the ER, they couldn't do an MRI because of the spinal cord stimulator implant and I ended up having a stroke soon after. My husband had to retire early to care for me and our dreams of sailing are gone. Right before they booby-trapped our home, my husband and I worked hard and received our Captains certificate. Soon after the accident, Charlie said he was sorry and that I shouldn't worry, he'll pay for everything and take care of my bills. That lasted one week. After that, he refused to even acknowledge I was in the room! The workers NEVER came back to finish up all the little items that needed to be taken care of. We have cracks in the walls, popped nails, the vents were never vacuumed out, etc. Charlie's reasoning for not coming back to fulfill his obligation was because he said he was afraid I would sue him again. It made me wonder if he was planning to be neglectful. As far was the addition goes, the height of the great room was measured wrong and is 2 feet higher than we wanted. Which means higher bills for heating and cooling. The ceiling fan is so high up, it can't be felt (it's a cathedral ceiling). Also, we can't have the ceiling fan going at the same time the lights are on because it pops the fuse. But, they've gotten years of marketing out of using our pictures to sell their service. Bottom line is this, Charlie Knapp Builders does not have an insurance company that will treat you fairly should you suffer injuries as a result of their negligence. They drug this out over 7 years, told me it was my fault and threatened me with a long court case if I didn't settle. Given my fragile state of health, I couldn't keep going through this battle with them, so we settled for little to nothing, just to be done with it. Working wth Charlie Knapp Builders was a thoroughly horrible experience; one which I will live with for the rest of my life.