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Amazing Siding Corp. of Missouri

About this company

Amazing Siding Corporation was founded in 1989 to provide quality siding products to homeowners. Together with his brother Paul, Phil Birner and their team have expanded Amazing Siding to twelve cities across the country.

With a wide choice of remodeling services from which to choose, Amazing Siding can suggest and offer the best solution for your home.

There are many options for siding your home, such as Wood Siding, James Hardie Plank, Cement FiberBoard, Aluminum, Vinyl and our own product, Amazing Plank.If your needs include new or replacement windows, Amazing Siding has the best available window products. Installation is key to effective window replacement. Amazing Siding installers are some of the best in the business. Home renovations include other considerations in the projects, such as Insulation or Gutter Replacement.

October 18, 2011 | Terry Scheller Wrote:
Amazing Siding installed Hardiplank and cut four new windows into our home in 2005. The unsupervised subcontractors did sloppy work, and trashed our yard (cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, etc.). Less than halfway thru the job my husband called and asked them to tell him how much we owed, we would write a check and hire someone else to finish the job. That was the only time the owner came out to our house. He seemed sincere and we trusted that he would be more on top of things. Our house did LOOK nice when the work was completed. Six years later, we had major leaking around several windows because they had not put any flashing at all underneath the siding (I had to stand at one window when it rained to catch the water pouring through the top drywall return, we had mold in our walls, you could peel the paint right off the wall, and there were rust stains on the paint where screws holding brackets had rusted inside the walls), a slider window they installed improperly was collapsing under its own weight, and when measuring for window treatments, I found they had used a warped board to frame another one of the windows they installed so the return sloped in at the bottom of the window. We had mold in our walls, peeling paint, cracking caulk, it was terrible. This damage took several years to become apparent. They honored their warranty, after a fashion, although they did the minimum required by their contract, and did it very sloppily (they finally agreed to pay someone else to properly do the drywall repair they messed badly up in the master bedroom) and we do not have the $30,000 siding/window job we paid them for and the owner never once came out and looked at the damage. He claimed he received e-mails from my husband and me saying we were pleased with the work, when I sent ONE e-mail stating the work was unacceptable. When you pay as much money as we did, you certainly expect more professional, meticulous work. The only way to make this right is to do the job completely over from scratch, and we wouldn't trust them to do it again anyway. This was not a few mistakes here and there, this was a job that was botched badly from the very beginning. We are now saving up to have the job done by a more competent company. I would give zero stars if I could.