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Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling

About this company

Customer satisfaction, has always been most important to us. To ensure your satisfaction, the following steps are taken:

● Replace any deteriorated wood that will not hold nails.

● Install fanfold insulation backer on all walls to be sided.

● Install the vinyl siding you have chosen.

● Nail all siding; no stapling, unnecessary lapping of joints, or face nailing.

● Straddle cut above and below all windows and doors.

● Inspect soffit and gable ventilation, installing additional vents as needed.

● Custom cap fascia board with aluminum coil stock.

● Remove all storm windows and doors to ensure proper coverage of trim.

● Reinstall all storm windows and doors after completion of trim work.

● Custom cap window and door trim with aluminum coil stock.

● Install "J" blocks to all exterior fixtures, i.e., lights, dryer vents, water spigots, etc.

● Use our own insured employees, no subcontracted labor.

● Show care and concern for plantings and landscaping.

● Work on your job in a workmanlike and continuous manner.

● Organize materials and equipment daily to cause a minimum amount of disturbance while we are working on your home.

● Guarantee the product used and the job done.

● Clean up daily and following completion of job as well as disposing of all trash ourselves.

● Come back after the job is completed to answer any questions you might have and to insure your satisfaction.

● Be readily available to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after the sale.

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